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Beautiful Water Falls
There is no denying the magical properties of a waterfall. Perhaps it is the layers, the combination of nature in all its glory combined in a stream of flowing water. Perhaps it is the sense of something hidden beneath. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that experiencing the sight of a waterfall is one of the most beautiful scenes...#
Amazing Moon
Earth's moon hangs majestically in our night sky as a symbol of constancy and power. Our Luna neighbour connects us to the stars and has been a stepping-stone for humankind, allowing us to use it as a platform in our exploration of space. The moon's direct impact on our planet and on our lives is constant and measurable...#
Mountain Sunsets
Sunsets have a long history in poetry and prose. Perhaps it's because of the romanticism that surrounds them and their capacity to inspire. Within the images below, we see mountains combined with a series of different sunsets. Each evoking within us a different mood and a different feeling...#
Beautiful English Castles
Looking at these photographs of British Castles, no one could dispute the majesty and beauty that each image portrays. Most are associated with water, all are associated with the splendour and wealth that once universally encapsulated the British aristocracy. Whilst some remain as an enduring record of a bygone era...  #
Heart Shaped Flowers
The heart… a symbol of love. The flower… given with love. The two combined here illustrating the beauty and symmetry of nature. Also illustrating the capacity of us as human beings to find familiar shapes and assign meanings to them. Each picture presenting us with an opportunity to feel love, to express love and...  #
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